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by Combat Beach

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Emma 01:10
Emma Chamberlain on my computer screen I’m planning trips to get away from here Some place that I have never been I don’t wanna be here I don’t wanna be seen I wanna be anyone but me
(V1) I’m playing through the scenes of High Fidelity I’m already making her a mixtape in my head I wonder what I should put on there the order of the songs the title and everything that could go wrong when I give it to her will she think of me listening to Clairo, The Front Bottoms and Mac DeMarco and I’m writing down my Greatest Hits for you making a list at work of the things I wanna do with you (V2) and it felt so sweet watching Star Wars Episode VI as we both fell asleep and then you had to leave you look so cool in your oversized T-shirt, your Doc Martens boots and I’m in love with your tattoos and every time you look at me the moment lasts forever every breath a small infinity but all of my ideas are buried in my cellphone so I watch American Beauty on my own (Outro) I wanna write your name all over my notebook and the white rubber part of my shoes all over my desk at school like I used to do I wanna write your name all over my notebook and the white rubber part of my shoes all over my desk at school like I used to do I wanna write your name all over my notebook and the white rubber part of my shoes just like I used to
(V1) you wanna be the best anyone has ever had treat some people like treasure treat some people like trash what is fake if being real can never be true sometimes I wish I really knew you (v2) tired easily if there is nothing coming back keep your emotions in check above your neck let others crack their heads over your thoughts and your chest while you crush their hearts behind their backs (Chorus) it hurts to know that I am never number one it hurts to know that at one point everyone will be gone maybe I can hold your hand tonight and feel alright for a little while maybe I can hold your hand tonight (v3) watching Donnie Darko in your bed together now that memory is ruined for me too I’ve been listening to so many songs that keep reminding me of you and I wish that I could find a band that could be me without you (outro) baby I can be your bowl cut boyfriend I can be the one you lay down next to at night I’ve got nothing to wear but we don’t have to get dressed in time tonight
(V1) I was shocked when I saw that you’re smoking again you told me about getting drunk with your friends and smoking weed in parking lots and what a lovely time it’s been (V2) and now it’s all happening again I saw it all going down on Instagram hanging out with your friends and beer and cigarettes (hook) a shell of who you used to be broken hearts heal slowly (V3) and I’m not good at any sports and I use coping mechanisms of some sorts every day to get me by (hook2) a shell of who I used to be broken hearts heal slowly (Bridge) and I still think of you I know you do too (outro) I know I need to get over this the best I ever had, the best I ever had (I know, I know I was wrong now, I was proven wrong now but I still miss you sometimes)
(v1) so I’ll keep buying flowers for myself because there’s no one else I could possibly give them too we used to walk side by side, I’d slide my hand into the back pocket of your jeans and you’d slide your hand in mine (hook) it’s alright (chorus) you don’t think that I could be on my own for so long maybe it’s my pisces rising and I just want to belong (v2) I feel the last true love song ringing in my ears and I feel all of my emotion coming out in tears I’ll sing my songs to your voicemail have your name tattooed on my skin all my sins confessed in these lines tangled up in your long sleeves I wish you were mine
V1 I wish I just had this cough because I’m smoking too much but the stress inside my head made its way down to my chest I listen to “Bloodstream” and I feel like somethings happening I feel happy and I start to daydream CHORUS and I just want you to know that Soccer Mommy’s Clean makes it easier for me to let it go and I just want you to know that the changing seasons make it easier for me to let it go V2 I find comfort in re-watching TV shows and movies and wearing the same old clothes maybe that’s why you’re still on my mind and it’s summer around here now and the neighbors got a new swimming pool I wish I had something too that keeps me cool I’m still such a fool for you BRIDGE the love I have for you will never let me rest although I always end up second best
(V1) She says let’s get high and listen to The Cure and I ask if she means just like the song she’s not that much into music and she’s not that much into John and I don’t do drugs I don’t smoke pot anymore (chorus) she says oh well I’m on my own again I guess I’m on my own again (v2) she’s been getting drunk and getting high playing Dungeons & Dragons with her friends last night apparently they’ve been playing these games for a while and I’ve been sober of those drinks my whole life (v3) and if not Mike and Erin So Sexy 1991 is there anything that’s made to last? I still have her dads Iron Maiden Shirt and even if I don’t want to I’ll remember when she said (Chrous2) Let’s get high and listen to The Cure
(v1) I’d love to love this place yeah any place at all but nowhere feels like home no nowhere feels like home just one day in different sheets just one day where my heart is while some men never dream some men never sleep (v2) and I drive by as people stand outside one girl scribbles numbers on one end of her cigarettes to keep count of how many times she wants to die to keep count of her dreams of a different life (outro) and while some men never die some men never live we’re all alive tonight we’re all alive tonight
I wonder if I’ll ever have a nice life with a beach house in Hawaii and a girl by my side or if I’ll stay here and get old with all my dreams and aspirations nothing more than a centerfold will I find my home within peace and purpose in this world I can’t wait to kiss you in my apartment as the morning sun comes in I will get some colored shelves to put my books and records in I’ll take my bike to the park or to the ocean to hang out we can get a coffee, I’ll bring some food and my guitar too and we’ll sing
(v1) swirling thoughts on a rainy day Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings wasted away with my greasy hair tied up into a bun wearing your old sweater in the sun and time keeps passing us by like a warm summer night I get my feet wet and I follow down the tracks a dream that hits different every time (pre-ch) in my head there’s a couple of things left that keep me from being my best in my head there’s a couple of things left (chorus) I am nothing but the clothes that I wear you and me and my sweater I am nothing but the clothes that I wear In front of you I can lay bare (v2) Tuesday morning and I’m trapped inside again remembering the time we spent with my hands running through your hair and I feel your breath and the fresh air coming from the window over there (bridge) will this week ever end I finally want it to be Thursday again so I can feel your lips on mine as we slowly undress inside
(v1) remember when we held hands in the movies I never followed through too scared to lose you too scared to tell you what I’ve felt I’m the small dessert spoon I’m rarely used the only thing I ever want to change is everything (chorus) I really am my mother’s child I always talk the loudest I really am my mother’s child and overshare what I’m about when I should shut my mouth (v2) softly smiling she leaned over and whispered in my ear ‘let’s drive home together later’ so I said ‘hey, I think about you way to many times not to care about having you in my life but I’m here on my Kawasaki motorbike so I don’t really know how we’re gonna do this!’ (bridge) I’m starved for love It’s out of sight
Alone Again 03:48
(v1) Sitting on your couch matching robes and underwear trying to pick a movie that we’re gonna miss ‘cause we’ll start kissing (chorus) maybe I am not as fine as I thought that I would be maybe you’re still so much more than a memory (v2) and I will kiss you in your Air Force One’s listening to old Trophy Eyes songs picturing myself somewhere else I’m not meant to be here (outro) everything we do is to be loved a little more and everything I do is to feel a little less alone I wish that I could be a little less like me I wish that I could be a little more like you


released December 3, 2021


all rights reserved


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